KrogerFeedback Survey – (50 fuel pt bonus)

KrogerFeedback – Win 50 Fuel Points : Kroger Conducts a customer satisfaction survey in the name of “Kroger Feedback” through their official website. Customers who shop at nearby Kroger stores are eligible to take part in the customer survey. In-return, customers can get 50 fuel points as a bonus for participating in kroger survey. Apart from 50 fuel points, Some lucky customers who took part in the customer’s survey had a chance to Win $5000 or $100 Gift Cards respectively.

Previously, Kroger has conducted their KrogerFeedback Survey via & to receive customer feedback. But recently they use qualtrics, an experience management software to receive feedback from every customer. The kroger feedback survey has migrated website url at

How To Participate in Kroger feedback Survey at Www.Kroger.Com Feedback?

In order to participate in the customer survey, We have given complete step by step instructions on how to access the Official website of krogerfeedback and participate in the survey. Upon completion of the Survey, you will receive kroger fuel points for your loyalty card account.

  1. Visit the official Website:
    To begin the survey, please go to official site of kroger feedback :
  1. Choose Español or English:
    Please select your preferable language from English or Espanol to answer the questions.
  2. Printed purchase receipt
    Please fill in the following information from your purchase receipt like Date of Visit & Time of Visit by entering in the entry id.
Selection of Date & Time of Visit
Please Enter the Survey Entry-ID to proceed
  • Click on “I do not have a Survey Entry ID on my receipt
  • The page will be redirected to a survey questionnaire page.
  • The page displays a list of multiple choice questions asking you about the shopping experience you had at the store.
  • Answer all the Multiple choice questions to express your customer’s shopping experience  you had at their stores.
  • After answering all questions, you’re asked to enter the Loyalty card number.
  • Enter the card number to receive fuel points instantly and win the chance to get $5000 or $100 Gift Cards every month. 

Who are eligible to claim the fuel rewards ?

Participants who have a Loyalty Card account number will obtain 50 fuel points which will be credited to loyalty card account for taking the Kroger Survey. Once you enter your loyalty card number, 50 Fuel Pt Bonus shall be loaded directly as reward for survey participation. So You can also go to your loyalty account dashboard to check out the fuel rewards balance on our website or mobile app. Only Kroger Plus card holders are eligible to claim the fuel rewards as a bonus post participating in the fuel points survey.

Why Do People Love To Kroger stores ?

Kroger.Co is the largest supermarket store chain in the United States of America. Since Inception, the Kroger is known for its supermarkets and multi-department stores with Shopping experience. Kroger merged with the then fifth-largest retailing store, along with its subsidiaries  Ralphs, QFC, Dillon’s and Smith’s aim’s to serve at various locations in the U.S. It operates 2,719 grocery stores under its various banners and divisions in 35 states and the District of Columbia. Kroger is the world’s third largest retailer that operates its grocery supermarkets in the following four formats: Supermarkets, Multi-department stores, Price-impact warehouse stores, Marketplace stores throughout the USA.

Kroger has to find the customer satisfaction level to stay a leader in the retail supermarket industry, either they could alter the products and implement new functionalities to enhance customer satisfaction. Due to competition in the market, to focus on the degree to which a customer is satisfied with its products/services of the organisation.

The purpose of the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey is to collect the valuable feed-back from their in-store shopping experiences. As their valuable opinions and feedback can help Kroger to know about their products & services. Kroger wants to know about customer preferences, needs, and expectations on their products and services. Based on your customer feedback, Kroger might understand customer needs & fulfil their expectations by improving their store products and services. 

The main motive of the grocery stores is to achieve customer satisfaction by receiving feedback from customers. Because when customer are satisfied with their product or service while grocery shopping at the neighbourhood kroger, retention is improved and makes the customer love the brands & brand products.

Along with customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, on the other hand, is an ongoing state where Loyal customers repeatedly come to shop the groceries.To build customer relationships, these grocery stores should improve the experience that retains customers with them. Achieving high customer satisfaction level in the short period is a key component of gaining that long-term customer loyalty is given higher priority. Because loyalty always comes along with experience they had while they opt for shopping for groceries. Because most of the customers love to do shopping at Kroger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it consume to participate in the kroger feedback survey ?

It takes only few minutes to visit the official website of

What is necessary to Participate in the Survey at

A receipt from Kroger store containing printed entry id is necessary to take survey.

I am unable to access the KrogerFeedback Survey ? Displaying the error Entry-ID not valid ?

If you’re can’t to take the krogerfeedback survey, Please enter your Entry ID exactly as it appears on your purchase receipt. Because system requires this exact entry id to link your visit to a store.

Why Kroger is better than Walmart and Target ?

Kroger is better than Walmart and Target, because as it sells wide variety of products at lowest prices when compared to it retains exisiting customer and gain new customers.

What is Kroger famous for?

The Kroger Co (Kroger) is an largest in-store and online grocery retailer famous for its supermarkets & multi-department stores includes wide variety of food and non-food products.

How to find customer satisfaction level with the shopping experience?

Customers express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction by leaving their valuable feedback on the customer voice survey about their shopping experience.

Why is customer happiness important for grocery stores ?

Customer happiness is crucial for every stores because satisfied customers are more likely to return to stores and buy the groceries.

How do supermarkets measure product quality ?

In marketplace, there are a wide variety of products available at lowest price, where your Valuable feedback on freshness on products and customer retention are primary factors to gauge the of product’s quality.

How to get high quality products at low prices ?

Kroger publish weekly ads which contain deals and discounts on groceries, meat and seafood, produce, cleaning supplies, beauty, baby products and more.

Should I build a Shopping list to get my groceries ?

We receommend you to building your own shopping list to remember getting your groceries to home or else you can order build a list through online.

How can I rate my satisfaction level about my experience while shopping ?

After you complete your grocery shopping, submit your feedback whether you are satisfied, dissatisfied while you shop at the stores.

How are Surveys is helpful for the retail store?

The Customer survey allows the stores to improve their product quality, customer service help, store ambiance, cleanliness, staff friendliness.

What age group are eligible to leave the feedback?

The minimum 18 years age group are eligible to submit your feedback at

How was the Speed of Customer Service when you’re unable to find a product ?

Customer Service speed available in-store, where the staff was very friendly in helping to find my products.

How does a retailing store improve customer experience?

By maintaining the good quality products, store ambience, cleanliness and service at the grocery stores

Does Kroger has brand stores ?

Yes…!! Kroger has its own private branded stores.

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