I do not have a Survey Entry ID on my receipt

If you do not see the survey entry ID on your purchase receipt, you can provide certain information that appears on the store purchase receipt without it. A receipt usually contains Date, Time and Entry ID at the bottom. If there is no survey Entry ID on this purchase voucher receipt please type in

Please enter a 10-digit phone number.



  • Store Phone Number (Located at the top of the original purchase receipt)
  • Date (The date of purchase)
  • Time (With Hours & minutes printed on the original receipt)

When you click on start survey you will be taken to a page where In the survey questionnaire displayed, 5-10 minutes is necessary to complete it. For anyone more curious about the kind of multiple choice questions that might arise there is a full set comprising all possible response choices at this location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any survey entry ID not found on my original purchase receipt?

Just follow the advice above.

May I do this survey without entering ID?

Yes!! You may alternatively tend (Store) Phone Number, Date as well as Time towards participation in survey.

I do not have my purchase voucher receipt which contains the entry ID, what should I do?

For you to provide any details while entering it you must have a purchase receipt. So ensure that you have one.

Could you tell me where Entry ID is found at?

At the bottom part of the paper purchase receipt you can find Entry ID.

I am getting error “Please type in exactly as displayed on store receipt your Entry ID?”

Before you type the ID into the questionnaire make sure it is the right one.

What makes my paper receipt lack the Entry ID ?

Sometimes shops do not bother with such details – you can either inquire at the store or write an email to customer service.

I would like to communicate with customer support in regards to my lacking survey Entry ID ? How should I proceed ?

From here directly you can report to the Kroger customer support.

Is it possible to obtain a copy of the purchase receipt that includes the Entry ID?

Yes..!! Just approach the stores again, elaborate on what happened and pick up copy of your store purchase receipt.

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